Goguen Sawmill

The history of the Goguen sawmill begins with its owner Éric Goguen. Born in 1914, Éric was on the work market pretty early and was in different spheres of work such as:  lumberjack, peddler selling farm products, lobster fisherman,  pulp wood truck driver and finally owner of a sawmill.

In the years 1930, Eric starts to work in the forestry industry.  He is employed in the forestry industry on site, and became an employee of the Irving Company.

In 1945, he got a mobile sawmill that he can put in the back of his truck. This way, he goes everywhere in south east of the province cutting wood. While on those trips he would buy wood lots so he can cut the trees and finallly obtain rights to cut wood on particular lots.

In 1949 Eric decides to build his own sawmill on the actual place in Cocagne. Having acquired experience with his mobile sawmill, he can use his knowledge in this trade. It's only around 1960 that his business was really going to its fullness.  During that time he hired a professional sawyer in the name of  Willie Boucher.

The equipment we find at the Village historique acadien was bought by Éric Goguen in 1945 from a man in Shemogue. The sawmill engin from the 1940 years is a brand from International, with a power of 125 horse-power and was funcitonning with diesel fuel.

Finally Eric's business becomes a family thing, as his sons become an important part of the company.

The building at the Village Historique Acadien, was built in 2008 and opened to public during the Agricultural Fair of the same year. It represents a sawmill with circular saw typical of the years 1930-1940 in New-Brunswick.

Characteristics of the building:

  • Dimensions:  24' x 60' for specific equipment
  • Building on stilts
  • Gable roof covered with sheet metal
  • Lots of openings
  • Loading ramp


  • The whole main equipment of the Goguen was manufactured by Oxford Foundry & Machine Co. d’Oxford, Nova-Scotia
  • A building with the 48'' circular saw
  • The 18' wagon equipped with the metal worker and with the friction which is an automatic mechanism beforehand and a backward movement
  • A conveyor to expel sawdust outside
  • A John Deere 4239D Diesel motor