Printing Shop

This building is a reproduction of the Moniteur Acadien printing shop, from Shediac, around 1880. This newspaper was the first published in Acadie, from July 1867 to 1926. It's founder was Israël Landry, born in Saint-Jean, Québec, but is an Acadian descendant who went through the deportation. However, he left his job only a few months after he was there. Norbert Lussier replaced him in 1868 and kept the direction until 1871, when he sold the business to Ferdinand Robidoux, only 21 years old.  We associate him to the Moniteur Acadien, because he insured its publication for more than 45 years.

At that time it was really a modest publishing:  first weekly, then it became biweekly in 1886. It consists of a full format pamphlet, folded in two, which gives four pages.  At the time, printing a newspaper was a long and tough job. Once hand made, pages one and four are printed - one copy at a time- on the large manual press; then the same operation is done for the intermediate pages (two and three).  In all, the production of a newspaper represents 64 hours for two publishers.  The subscription cost two dollars a year, with a discounts for groups of 5 or 6 subscribers. To make sure the newspaper would make a little profit at that time, it took 5000 subscriptions. However, the most we can get is 2000 suscribers at the Moniteur Acadien. Three different fires destroyed Robidoux installations, in 1874, 1879 and 1886.  Since he had a lot of determination, he perseveres in his business even though it wasn't bringing him any profits. The newspaper itself is in deficit;  it's the platen''town press'' (The Peerless), that gives us a chance to pursue the operations. Robidoux announce the temporary closing of the newspaper in 1918 due to health problems. His sons tried to continue six years later, but after 14 months, the newspaper disappear definitively.


  • Half-timbering skeleton
  • Symmetry for the opening of windows and doors
  • Large windows for more daylight
  • Parapet wall hiding the gable roof
  • A sign announcing the commerce
  • Interior painted in white for a brighter interior
  • Corner office desk and a ranging corner
  • Central stove
  • Washington press to print the newspaper
  • Platen press to print commercial work