Riordon Mill

The Riordon familly is originally from Kinsale, Cork County in Ireland. John Riordon came in Pokeshaw in 1830 to join his brother Patrick. In 1852, John sells part of his lands to a Mr. William Boultonhouse who builts a sawmill on this land.  He later sold it to Richard Dempsey, whose last wife is one of the Riordons' daughters, but this wedding was badly seens, as he is protestant and she is catholic. It's after this event that the Riordon got the mill.
The mill burns down in 1888, and is rebuilt, with lots of encouragements from Reverend Romain Doucet from the parish of Grande-Anse. When the mill is completed, it consists of a sawmill, a flour mill and wool carding mill, and  everything functions by hydraulic energy. However, when the mill was rebuilt a  disagreement between Thomas Riordon and the company happens and Riordon refused to pay for the mistakes of the company. In 1914, when the rollers to crush the grains needed repairs, the same company sent the invoice not paid during the years 1890 and Thomas refused to get his rollers and pay the invoice.  The flour mill then closed it's door definitively.


  • Gable roof with a ventilation in the center
  • Large skylight in the back
  • Ledges with weak return of ledge
  • Large entrance door with an access ramp
  • Water turbine
  • Three mills with double pair of cylinders
  • Grain crusher
  • Sieve
  • Lifting system with conveyor
  • Wooden funnels
  • Wool carding mill
  • Wool comber