Thériault House

Joseph Thériault, born in 1824, farmer and wood merchant, is the son of Joachim and Claire Gauvin. Being the oldest of the boys, it's hard for him to inherit the family property.  In 1845, he got married to Phoébée Boudreau and settled in Thériault Office.  They had nine children. After Phoebe died he got married to Rachel Landry in 1861. He didn't have any children with Rachel.

According to the oral tradition, Joseph built his first house really close to the actual crossroads.  It's only later, in 1860.  that he built the house which is actually at the Village historique acadien.

Joseph Thériault got a 100 acre land on October 1st, 1857. It is reasonable to think that after he got this land, he started to build his house, moreover after getting married to Rachel Landry in 1861. Founder or not of Thériault Office, Joseph Thériault and his family give their name to this small village.
Philias, son of Joseph, inherits the family property and lives with his father.  After his father died he became the real owner. Philias got married in 1881 to Lucille Chenard, from Caraquet. They had ten children.  In his will dated March 15, 1946, eight years before he died in 1952, he bequeath his proper to his daughter Lauza. Lauza lives in this house with her husband Fidèle Landry until 1977, and in 1981 the Village historique acadien bought the house.

When the Village historique acadien got the house, they only bought the part built in 1860.  The second part stayed in place. The Thériault house is interpreted in 1890, which is 30 years after the construction of the first section. We can see that the house has two sections, the first one in 1860 and the summer kitchen added a few years later. The furniture that we see is not handmade, but a mixture of both industrial and handmade.  At the end of the 19th century, furnitures were built industrially which made the acadian homemade furniture disappeared.


  • Interior well
  • Galerie on both sides
  • Two stairs going to the upper level
  • Exterior finished with clapboards
  • A living room
  • Three chimenys

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