The Grand Dérangement Commemoration

Friday, 28 July 2017, 13 h 00

This year, a visit to historic sites in connection with the Grand Dérangment history will be offered. Departure will be at Miscou Island at 1 pm at the Tourist Information Center (9742 Route 113). Arrival at the Village Historique Acadien will be at 5:15 pm. 

Each person is responsible for his or he own transportation, safety and food. 

On July 28, 1755, a group of Acadian delegates were summoned by Colonel Lawrence to his headquarters in Halifax. He demanded, in the name of their constituents, to take an unconditional oath of allegiance to the British Crown, which they refused. This event set forth the process leading a few months later to the Deportation of the Acadian population. In 2003, the Canadian government proclaimed July 28 as the Day of Remembrance of the Deportation of the Acadians. Since then, in various places where Acadians now dwell, gatherings take place at a given hour for a moment of meditation. Visitors are invited to join the interpreters and staff of the Village who will march in procession to the chapel for a short ceremony.