Wool Recycling Drudgery

Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 10 h 30

For the first time at the Village a wool recycling drudgery will take place at the Robichaud Farm at 10:30 am with Mrs. Régina Haché, a 93 years old woman who used to recycle wool when she was a young farmer.

Wool Recycling :

Back in the old days, clothing was used and reused many times over in an effort to avoid waste. Everything that was knitted was given a new life: socks, caps, mittens, shirts and scarves. On winter nights, they would cut up old clothes into one-square-inch strips and break them down into strings. These short woollen threads, called défaisures (unravels), were then washed and churned in boiling soapy water. After being mixed with a bit of new yarn, the used wool was once again carded, rolled, spun, balled up or winded in skeins, and then knitted into mittens or socks, thus completing the recovery cycle.