Poirier Tavern

Situated in Caraquet (near Pointe-Rocheuse), the Poirier tavern open its doors to public in 1880. At the Poirier tavern we serve Jamaican Rhum DeKuyper gin coming from Holland, whisky and brandy which could come from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Islands or made locally. Finally,  wine  usually came from France. There's no beer, because it's not known locally before the 20th century.

The tavern opens it's door around 8:00 in the morning and closes at 6:00 pm and sometimes would stay open until 11:00 p.m. if the discussion was interesting.  People would go at the tavern to buy their drinks and bring it home, but sometimes they would have their drinks at the tavern and talk and play cards and games with friends.

It seems the building was a store at the beginning, but only for a short time, because oral tradition and official documents always refer to Louis Poirier as owner of a tavern and not a store. Not too much renovations was made when Georges Haché bought it in 1922.  He transported the building accross the street for it's own use.


  • Structure covered with boards installed diagonal.
  • Two front doors
  • Exterior shutters
  • Counter and shelves
  • Shingles attached with boat nails