In case of a heat wave

To help ensure our staff and our visitors' wellbeing, the Village Historique Acadien's management team and its health and safety committee implemented a heatwave policy in 2019. The guidelines are as follows:  

The Village Historique Acadien must close:

A) when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius with humidex; and

B) when the temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius with humidex on three (3) consecutive days, for which the same group of interpreters is scheduled to work. **Only Sundays may be affected by this possibility of closure**. 

Whenever such a situation arises, refunds will be issued:

A) to customers who bought their ticket(s) on-site on the day of the closure; and

B) to customers who bought their ticket(s) online, which were to be used on the day of the closure due to a heatwave.

Are debit/credit card accepted on the site?

Payment by debit/credit card is available everywhere on the site and inside the Welcome Center. There is also an ATM machine located in the entrance of the Welcome Center.

Are guided tours of the Village available?

Guided tours of the Village historique acadien are available upon request (reservations are required)

Guided Tour 

Price: $172.50 (tax in.) + admission fee 
Number of visitors: Maximum of 25 people per group 
Duration: 2 hours 
Languages: French or English tours available
Availability: on request (reservations are required)

Reservation: (506) 726-2600 / [email protected] 

Are pets allowed on the historical site?

Pets, even if on a leash or put in a stroller or a carrying bag, are NOT allowed on the site.

For your convenience, here is the contact information for kennels located within 25 km of the Village historique acadien:

Chez Toutou-Net 

12 km away from the Village 
278 rue des Bois Francs St, Saint-Léolin
(506) 732-3137

Canino Dog Daycare

17 km away from the Village
799 ch. Lavigne Rd, Maltempec
(506) 724-3366

Péninsule acadienne Dog Daycare 

23 km away from the Village 
8090 rue St-Paul St, Bas-Caraquet
(506) 724-4900

Are service animals allowed on the historical site?

Yes. Service animals, who have been trained and certified (you may be asked to present the animal’s certificate at the Admissions desk), are welcome to the Village historique acadien.

Are there parking spaces for RVs or trailers?

The Village historique acadien’s parking offers many options to welcome visitors travelling with RVs or trailers.

Are we allowed to spend the night in the Village historique acadien’s parking lot?

Unfortunately, the Village historique acadien doesn’t allow overnight camping with trailers, tents or RVs.

For your convenience, here is the contact information of camping grounds located within 25 km of the Village historique acadien:

Colibri Motel & Camping  

6 km away from the Village
913, des Acadiens Blvd, Bertrand
(506) 727-2222/[email protected]

Maison Touristique Dugas Camping

7.5 km away from the Village
683, St-Pierre Ouest. Blvd, Caraquet
(506) 727-3195 / [email protected]

Colibri by the Sea Camping

8 km away from the Village
619, St-Pierre Ouest. Blvd, Caraquet
(506) 727-2222 / [email protected] 

Baie des Chaleurs Ltd. Motel & Camping 

8 km away from the Village
480, Acadie St, Grande-Anse
(506) 732-2948

Resto-Relais Godin Ltée.

12.5 km away from the Village
2042, Châtillon St, Maisonnette
(506) 727-3914

Can you spend the night at the Village historique acadien?

Of course! During the 2019 summer season, you can book a room at the Château Albert Hotel, which is centrally located on the Village historique acadien’s site, from June 23 to September 21!

Does the Village historique acadien have antiques for sale?

The Village doesn’t sell any antiques. You may find reproductions for sale at the Nicholas D. Thériault General Store, and occasionally at the Welcome Center’s Shop.

How can we prepare for our visit to the Village historique acadien?

To ensure the greatest of experiences, we recommend that you bring a comfortable pair of shoes, some sunscreen, a water bottle and that you wear weather-appropriate clothing on the day of your visit. We also remind visitors who suffer from allergies (animals, pollen, etc.) to bring their medication along with them.

In case you forgot an important item, please note that the Welcome Center has sunscreen, water bottles, bug repellent and umbrellas on sale for your convenience.

How long a walk is it to visit the entire site?

The Village’s total walking distance is 2.2 km.

For your convenience, modes of transportation are made available to you at the Village historique acadien:

Mobility scooter rental  |  $25 per day (only 6 available)  |  Reservation : 1-506-726-2750
Handcart rental  |  $10 per day 
Wheelchair  |  free rental (low stock available)
How much time should be set aside to visit the Village historique acadien?

Depending on your pace and enthusiasm, a typical visit can range between 4 and 12 hours. Please note that your entrance fee to the site is valid for two visits within the current season, so you may come back on another day to finish visiting the site if need be.

Is it true that the admission fee allows me to visit the site for two days?

Absolutely! Following your first visit, you may come back for a second visit (free of charge) as long as your bracelet is still on your wrist.

Is smoking or vaping allowed on the historical site?

Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed while walking on the historical site. Smoking areas have been clearly designated (for safety reasons) and may be found in front of the Welcome Center, at the Frenette and Poirier post houses, and behind the Château Albert Hotel.

Is there a WIFI connection available for visitors?

A free public WIFI network is available to visitors at the Welcome Center. Depending on your location on the site, you may also be able to access this WIFI connection.

Is there any other way to visit the site other than on foot?

For your convenience, other modes of transportation are made available to you at the Village historique acadien:

Mobility scooter rental

$25 per day (limited number of scooters available)

Reservation : 1-506-726-2750

Handcart rental

$10 per day (limited number of carts available)


free rental (limited number available)

What can we expect during our visit at the Village historique acadien?

Visits are meant to be a self-guided experience: instead of following a single tour guide, each of the site’s buildings has its own interpretive-guides to welcome you and share information with you. Therefore, visitors are free to walk at their own pace and choose which buildings to visit, tailoring their experience to their interests and timeframe along the way.

Where can we eat on the historical site during our visit?

The Village historique acadien count 2 restaurants and 1 snack-bar. 

The Café-Bistro du Village is located at the Village's Welcome Centre and is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Click HERE to see the menu. 
The Table des Ancêtres restaurant is located on the historical site and propose 100% traditional Acadian meals. This restaurant is open daily from 11:30 am to 4 pm. Click HERE to see the menu. 
The Frenette Post-House is a snack-bar that offer grab-to-go food as well as candies and beer. Is this paradise? Maybe... ;) The post-house is open daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm. 

Also, feel free to bring your own lunch as picnic tables are installed in front of the Welcome Center and all over the historical site.